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Shelly Florman, CPM, LM is a graduate of the National College of Midwifery, a MEAC-accredited midwifery college in Taos, New Mexico. Her comprehensive degree program and extensive apprenticeship with experienced midwives around Louisiana prepared her to provide compassionate care throughout normal childbirth and also to detect and manage a wide range of urgent and emergent situations.

Shelly is experienced and confident managing the range of complications which rarely occur in normal childbirth. We work together throughout your pregnancy to screen for and prevent many of these complications. Childbirth is usually a natural, normal event which can proceed peacefully without medical interventions. Even so, issues do sometimes arise, and this is why it helps to have a compassionate and competent midwife at your birth.

“Healthcare should be provided in a way that preserves the client’s power and grows her strength rather than building dependency on experts or expensive technologies. I encourage every woman to maintain her own pregnancy, birth, sense of motherhood, and life by making her own informed decisions and asserting herself in those choices. I provide information. I guide. I suggest ways to prevent complications, and of course, help manage them if they arise. I touch gently; there’s rarely a good reason to inflict pain. I strive to intervene only when necessary or requested, and am open to specific requests/refusals. And, I support women and their families as they experience the wide and wild range of birth. I love the midwifery model of care and I love being with women through childbirth.¬†Midwifery care improves measurable outcomes and women’s satisfaction, and that’s why it’s such an honor to provide this service!” – Midwife Shelly Florman

  • Louisiana Licensed Midwife (LM)
  • NARM Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)
  • ASM from the National College of Midwifery
  • Adult and infant CPR certified (AHA)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Provider certified (AAP)
  • Louisiana Midwives Association Board Member
  • Member of the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives