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Conventional obstetrical care treats pregnancy as an illness which must be managed. From the time you first contact us for a consultation, you will find that midwifery care is unique and personalized, unlike that of a traditional obstetrician. Home tends to be the place where we feel most comfortable, relaxed and uninhibited- a desirable environment for birthing. The continuum of being in labor, giving birth, and snuggling down with your newborn baby in your own environment creates an incredibly peaceful event. As more and more families realize there are alternatives to a conventional hospital birth, they are presented with the two main alternatives, which are home birth or birth center birth. We are available to serve our expectant parents with midwifery care in all three settings: home, hospital and birth center.

If you have had a prior C-Section we will evaluate you and provide VBAC education and/or labor assist service in your chosen hospital setting. We do not provide out of hospital VBAC midwifery care. We will work closely with your OB to help provide an optimum, safe vaginal delivery if possible. We also provide C-Section preparation classes for mothers facing repeat surgical birth on how to prepare the uterus, the mind and the baby in advance.