Find a Midwife

      North Region

      Areas including and north of Alexandria.

      Jen Courtney, LM, CPM, Shreveport

      Brittney Maddox, LM, CPM, Shreveport

      Jaime Wessler, LM, CPM, Shreveport

      Nicki Solomito Pugh, LM, CPM, Alexandria

      East Region

      Areas including Baton Rouge, New Orleans and surrounding areas.

      Sally Acosta, LM, CPM, Covington

      Sherri Daigle, LM, CPM, Baton Rouge

      Andrea Jeanfreau, LM, CPM, New Orleans (retired)

      Effie Michot, LM, CPM, New Orleans

      Shelly Florman, LM, CPM, New Orleans

      Emmy Trammel, LM, CPM, New Orleans (retired)

      Rebecca Hageman, LM, CPM, New Orleans (retired)

      West Region

      Areas including Lafayette, Lake Charles and surrounding areas.

      Anne Lestrapes, LM, CPM, Youngsville

      Michel Martein, LM, CPM, Brousard

      Carissa Keir, LM, CPM, RN, Lake Charles

      Lynette Robison, LM, CPM, Lafayette

      Shatamia Webb, LM, CPM, Youngsville

      Kira Smith, LM, CPM, Brousard