The Louisiana Midwives Association is an organization of midwives licensed to practice in the state of Louisiana, Certified Professional Midwives currently residing in Louisiana, retired Louisiana midwives, Louisiana midwifery *students and aspiring Louisiana midwives, and professional and nonprofessional supporters who subscribe to the purpose and goals of the organization. Membership application download is here.

Our Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to preserve the art of midwifery, present midwifery as an emerging and legitimate health profession, and to act as a self-governing and self-regulating professional organization for Louisiana midwives.

Our Goals: The goals of the organization are:

1. to support the intrinsic right of women to give birth as they choose.

2. to support the intrinsic right of parents to choose the location and attendants for the births of their children.

3. to inform public policy makers about the rights and needs of birthing families.

4. to educate legislators and promote legislation concerning the basic and ongoing needs of Louisiana families and the midwives who serve them.

5. to promote communication and cooperation between midwives and other professional groups concerned with maternal and infant health.

6. to promote the highest level of professional ethics and competence in midwifery practice.

7. to promote the discovery, encouragement, and training of midwives within each community where needed, thereby preserving community integrity.

8. to provide continuing educational opportunities which focus on the constant upgrading of midwifery skills and evidence based practices with regard to antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum care.

9. to promote professional development and cooperative relationships between midwives.

10. to promote research in the field of midwifery care.

11. to promote a cooperative relationship between midwives and their professional licensing organization, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners

*A student midwife is a person who is a currently in an apprenticeship. An aspiring midwife has started a didactic education course.

Board of Directors:

President: Nicki Solomito Pugh
Vice President: Sally Acosta
Secretary: Carissa Keir
Treasurer: Jen Courtney

Student Representative: Rebecca Honeycutt